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 Many of you may already know why this is site is called The Mouth, but for those that don't, locals commonly call the South Bay, "Mouth Bay."  The South Bay is a section of  South Los Angeles County encompassing a cluster of beach cities.

For a long time now I have wanted to create a place where locals and visitors alike can see what is going on and available to them in the South Bay.  Although I have lived most of my life in the area, I realize there is so much to do and see that I was never aware of.  I hear of great events and local fun and often when I share it with others they say they have lived here for so long and they never knew about it!  So, here we are... My hopes are that this site will provide something new to improve the quality of your life in the South Bay.  I do believe this site will be beneficial to both those living the single life and to families.  Please visit the South Bay Mouth often to stay on top of special events, new restaurants/shops, bargains and sales, reviews and opinions, bands and music, a video from an aspiring Chef or even just a photo of a beautiful sunset.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

FREE Kids Workshops

Considering how over the past couple of years many Art programs have been drastically reduced from the education system, it is awesome to find Companies that provide hands on workshops for your children to expand their creativity.  Here are a few opportunities and ideas for hands-on DIY crafts that your kids will enjoy.

LAKESHORE - Fuzzy Felt Wallets.  Lakeshore has a craft every Saturday
Saturday January 23, 2010
Ages 3 years and up
Lakeshore Learning Center and Outlet
2695 East Dominguez Street
Carson, Ca 90895
310 537-4778

Lowe's - Build & Grow
Lowe's has workshops on Saturdays that you must register to attend online.  There are 3 South Bay locations and it is FREE for your child to participate.

Home Depot Kids Workshops are the FIRST Saturday of each month from 9am-Noon and are for kids ages 5- 12.

Torrance Home Depot
24451 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance, CA

San Pedro Home Depot
2115 N. Gaffey Street
San Pedro, CA 90731


  1. Makes me wish I was 12 again! (My son hated building stuff other than Leggos...I used to love it as a kid.)
    Your yogurt vouchers came in the mail on Friday. Thanks so much...I wasn't expecting so many.

  2. Yep you each got a Family 4pack :)


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