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Hello and welcome to South Bay Mouth.

 Many of you may already know why this is site is called The Mouth, but for those that don't, locals commonly call the South Bay, "Mouth Bay."  The South Bay is a section of  South Los Angeles County encompassing a cluster of beach cities.

For a long time now I have wanted to create a place where locals and visitors alike can see what is going on and available to them in the South Bay.  Although I have lived most of my life in the area, I realize there is so much to do and see that I was never aware of.  I hear of great events and local fun and often when I share it with others they say they have lived here for so long and they never knew about it!  So, here we are... My hopes are that this site will provide something new to improve the quality of your life in the South Bay.  I do believe this site will be beneficial to both those living the single life and to families.  Please visit the South Bay Mouth often to stay on top of special events, new restaurants/shops, bargains and sales, reviews and opinions, bands and music, a video from an aspiring Chef or even just a photo of a beautiful sunset.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Internet Shopping

This is the first year that I have taken a liking to internet shopping. I felt so busy in general, but on top of that I kept finding such great deals online for items that I truly felt were good for those I had to buy for. I learned about shopping through Shop At Home and how by doing so I could earn cash back. Not only does the site sometimes give you a kickback for going through them, but also the places you order from may offer 2% or even 20% cash back. Last week Old Navy was having great deal and in addition to using coupon codes and free shipping on already marked down items, they were offering 20% cash back for shopping through shopathome.com. I am definitely going to continue shopping through these sites with the gift cards I get. Saves me time, money and hassle. I have now received every order I placed on line and because I had so many offers for free things or things that were a couple dollars, when they came it was like getting presents because I forgot I ordered them. HAHA One of my favorite things I got, which was basically free because of all the codes I used, was a photo book I made featuring some of my favorite photos from some of my travels. Today I got that and I was very excited, it's not very often that I even print my photos. I highly recommend you sign up for
Shop At Home and start saving today too!

Happy Shopping for yourself now that all the gift buying days are on hold. :)

FREE Taco at Taco Bell (Fresco Taco)

Go print out your coupon for a Free Fresco Taco at Taco Bell

FREE PEET's Coffee and Tea TODAY!!!

Just a note that today at ALL PEET's Coffee and Tea locations they will be serving up FREE Coffee and Tea ALL DAY TODAY ONLY.  That sounds like a pretty good Christmas gift, something a little extra to get you on the go for your last minute Shopping needs.  There are many locations in the South Bay. View the store locator here.


Dear Friends,
This is so sad to hear about this today.  Did I somehow miss it before? Was it really not posted before?  Please have a look at the article on Daily Breeze.  Thyme is a very yummy restaurant in Lomita, David and Dawn's new restaurant was neighbors to my moms old shop.  They were nice people that made great food, always gave us a great deal and would walk lunch over to my mom.  I actually interviewed and was considering becoming a server there.  Once my moms shop left Lomita we had gotten so busy that we have not even eaten there lately. Sadly today we saw this article in the paper.  Dawn has been missing since October.  The photo on this article I think is a little different than how she looks, she is very petite and I think her face is quite smaller looking than this and I always saw her with her hair back, so please take a good look at her face.  I do not know them on any level other than the restaurant but from what I know they were very nice people, (although there are other things said in this article, I am unaware of their personal lives).

Please help keep an eye out for Dawn Viens.


Super DEAL for whole day of fun at Mulligan's Family Fun Center

Are you a member of GROUPON?  Lately I have been getting their daily deals sent to me and some have sounded pretty useful for my interests.  Today I woke and my GROUPON email was a deal for Mulligan Family Fun Center in Torrance.  Now I admit this place can seem a little on the skanky side at times, but overall I have always felt safe and had a good time.  The deal today, that will last on the site for 3 more days, is for an ALL DAY PASS for $10!!!  Normally the pass is $21 so that is 52% off.  The pass enables you to spend the entire day on the Attractions which include Rock Wall, Laser Tag, Mini Golf, Speedway and more.  This sounds like a pretty reasonably priced with loads of good Family Fun time to me.  Hurry quick to the GROUPON site to take part in this great deal!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Marine Mammal Rescue Center in San Pedro

Have you ever been to the Marine Mammal Rescue Center in San Pedro?  I recall going there once to see the Sea Lions and other animals that had been rescued and were being rehabilitated to someday be released back into the wildlife of the Pacific.  I know when I was there, despite the sadness that lurks around the realization of how some people treat these animals when they are in their own habitat, I really did enjoy seeing them more close up and knowing that there are people that care enough to protect and save them.  If you are lucky, you may even get to see pups.

The center is located at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro and it is FREE and open to the public 365 days from 10am - 4pm.  This may be a non traditional family outing during the holiday break.  It can be saddening, but such situations tend to help educate young ones and adults on the truth and may even spark interest in your family to become more involved in the community to help protect our wildlife.

According to the Daily Breeze there are record numbers of this marine wildlife coming into the center and if El Nino hits it is feared that it will be worse.  Volunteers and Donations are both needed, so take a look at their website and go to the center to see these adorable creatures.

Marine Mammal Care Center
3601 S. Gaffey St. (at Leavenworth Drive)
San Pedro, Ca 90731
(310) 548-5677

Don't be Afraid to SAVE $$$

So many people I know seem somewhat afraid of saving money... they are afraid to use the resources available for their own benefit.  Personally, if there are coupons, special codes and good deals out there then I am going to use them!  I certainly agree and admit that saving money takes some time and a bit more effort, however then benefits of saving and the feeling that you "won" when you are shopping outweigh the time and effort.  Once you learn some tricks and become more aware of policies and promotions, shopping will become even more fun and less painful.  Here are some stores around the South Bay and some tips and tricks you may not know about that will allow you to be more frugal and friendly as we continue to go through some hard times.  (In addition for those procrastinators, PEETS Coffee and Tea will be offering FREE coffee and tea ALL DAY 12/24.  So get your caffeine and hit the shops)

Right now at Old Navy, through 12/24, you can save 20% on all gift card purchases.  This means if you buy a $100 gift certificate you will really only have to pay $80.  (click on this link for the 20% off GIFT CARDS and then print it and take it to the store) Whether you actually plan to give the gift card or card is another story.  If you shop there throughout the year or if you are buying something now as a gift for someone, you can buy the gift card first and then decide what to do with it.  I suggest buying the gift card for whatever amount you were planning to spend and then using it to shop in combination with coupons.  I also suggest going to oldnavyweekly.com to get a different coupon everyday that you can use when you shop.  (if you have more than one coupon they will ring you up on separate transactions so you can use them all)  At oldnavyweekly.com you have to play around the site to get coupons.  Be sure to look around under each calendar day, on each page etc.  Scroll your mouse until the pointer turns into a hand and then click.  Wallah! You may then send yourself an email with the coupon to print out.  EX: Click on the gift for December 23rd, on the top of the pop up box it says, "FAB-U-LISTER" when you place the mouse over those words it will turn into a hand allowing you to click.  You will then earn a 20% off your entire purchase.  Be careful, these coupons all come with expiration dates but if you go daily, you can score some pretty awesome deals.  I found this link at Bargain Briana that has hints for this weeks coupons.

Another tip I recently found out and verified with the employees at Old Navy is that you can get a price adjustment up to 14 days after a purchase.  That means that 2 weeks ago when I went to Old Navy at 8am to get $5 Sweatshirts, but they were sold out so I did not get any... I did not have to do any of that.  What I could have done is gone any day before the one day sale, bought the sweatshirts and then ON THE DAY OF THE ONE DAY SALE I could have gone in with my receipt and they would price adjust it for me, refunding me back the difference.  You can also use a coupon on the day you buy the goods at that same discount will still apply when you get the price changed.

Bed Bath and Beyond
Did you know that BB&B price matches?  Well they do!  I was told they do not price match to large price clubs, i.e. Costco/Sams, however they did for me recently.  All you do is either bring in an ad or a print out from the internet showing the sale price and the dates eligible and they will adjust the price for you.  If you do not have either one but you saw the price online, they will even look it up on the internet if you ask them to and then adjust for you.  What makes the deal even better is that you can use the BB&B coupons together with the price matching.
I don't know about you but we get a 20% off coupon about twice a month and at least once a month I find one in the Sunday paper.  Although the coupon asks you to provide personal information, use only per customer and it will expire on x date... NONE of this is necessary.  You can take up to 5 COUPONS on one transaction as long as your total and item count all match up (5 coupons for 5 items etc) and not fill out anything and they will take them all the same, even if they expired 5 years ago.  This can make a shopping trip to Bed Bath Beyond very budget friendly.

Target will also price match items, but they require you to bring in the actual ad.  For example, if Best Buy is selling G-Force for $19.99 and Target has it for $22.99, then bring the ad for Best Buy to Target and they will price match.
Another great thing about Target is that they offer some great coupons for their store and more times than not you can pair up their coupons with Manufacturers coupons giving you extra super savings. Click HERE for coupons you can print that are manufacturers and or Target exclusive.

Example: If target is selling Crest toothpaste for $2.99 and Target is offering a $1 off coupon and there is a manufacturers coupon for $1 off, then when you present them both to the cashier you will get your toothpaste for $.99.  Manufacturers coupons can be found in many newspapers, mostly in packs bundled near the comics on Sundays, or they can be printed on the internet if you give yourself a chance to search.  (using google, the easiest thing to type in is "printable coupons" or if you are searching for something specific you can type "printable dove body wash coupon" and see if a link comes up.)

CVS is most certainly one of my favorite places to go and it does need more time and commitment to be able to understand their Extra Buck Program, but once you get it, you will be consistently saving money on everyday needs and some bonus items.  There are many blogs out there that discuss how to use CVS to the best of your abilities.  One of the sites I share the most is I HEART CVS  If you take a look around you will see all there is to get a good deal on, what others have gotten and how to understand the system.

There are so many ways to save money and to not spend full price on the items you are buying this year.
a few places to go that are helpful and worth your browsing are:
Upcoming Coupons at Taylortown Preview
Target Coupons

There are so many more ways to find great deals and print great coupons on the internet.  Give yourself a couple of minutes before you buy, to search and browse the web.  Searching in google for "printable coupons" will be a great way to start.

I hope this helps and inspires some of you this season.  Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping

Monday, December 21, 2009

FOOT MASSAGE - Best Kept Secret

One of my favorite new discoveries in the South Bay is a Foot Massage (that includes a body and scalp massage) ONE HOUR for $20.  If you go during Happy Hour, Monday- Wednesday 11am-3:30pm, then it is $18.  "Foot Ralascology" as the sign reads (not sure what that means, I think it was a major typo) is located in a strip mall at Hawthorne Blvd and 230th Street (just North of Lomita Blvd).
* wow I am using a lot of parentheses * :)

I have seen this place listed also as Global United Medical Center however the only thing I have seen or heard of people getting is massages.  My boyfriend is not fond of very deep massages and he describes it as being hit and folded into a pretzel, but then there are the 5 other people I have brought with me that absolutely LOVE it including myself.  I think it really depends on who you get.  I have never seen the women work on women or men work on men, but I highly recommend that you request Danny. Danny seems to have the flow of the massage down well, you can tell because every time I am there I fall asleep.

While fully clothed, you start off soaking your feet in a tub of hot water with a tea bag, while they massage your back, shoulders and neck, a little bit of your arms and your head.  Ten minutes later you move onto a really comfy bed and lay on your back while they give you a short scalp and temple massage then the foot massage begins and they cover you in a towel so you stay warm.  Shortly after this process is when I pass out.  When your feet are all done they rub your legs and arms then they have you lay on your stomach with your head in the hole as they do a quick body massage from head to toe on the backside.  Reminder all of this is fully clothed.  

I can honestly say I now prefer going here and spending $20 + tip (I leave $5-$10 depending on who I get) than going to other local massage places.  This is by no means a spa or a high end place, but the results I find more satisfying while on a budget and needing a massage.

You have to try this place out, please PLEASE please comment and let me know what you think.
*DISCLAIMER - they do massage pretty deep and it may not be for all, so tell them if it is too hard.

Foot Ralascology
22829 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance CA 90505
310 373 5218
Open 7 days 11AM - 11PM

Much love, and Happy Foot "Ralascology"