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Hello and welcome to South Bay Mouth.

 Many of you may already know why this is site is called The Mouth, but for those that don't, locals commonly call the South Bay, "Mouth Bay."  The South Bay is a section of  South Los Angeles County encompassing a cluster of beach cities.

For a long time now I have wanted to create a place where locals and visitors alike can see what is going on and available to them in the South Bay.  Although I have lived most of my life in the area, I realize there is so much to do and see that I was never aware of.  I hear of great events and local fun and often when I share it with others they say they have lived here for so long and they never knew about it!  So, here we are... My hopes are that this site will provide something new to improve the quality of your life in the South Bay.  I do believe this site will be beneficial to both those living the single life and to families.  Please visit the South Bay Mouth often to stay on top of special events, new restaurants/shops, bargains and sales, reviews and opinions, bands and music, a video from an aspiring Chef or even just a photo of a beautiful sunset.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adam Lambert and all his Glam...

Adam Lambert, photo by Erin Fisher

I can not believe that the new season of American Idol has just started, it seems like just yesterday we were watching Adam's try outs and being so excited that he was so well received.   I remember I was with friends in New York when we found out that Adam had made it in to the top and we were all so excited.  Over a year has passed since then and it has been so amazing to watch his growth.  It cracks me up when I read comments from all of his fans, they write some crazy things sometimes, but wow he really is loved.  Of course Adam is a bit controversial to some, but he is himself and we think he is amazing and talented.  How he chooses to live his life just adds to his beauty and character and we are all so happy for his success.

Citizen Vein, photo by Erin Fisher

Once upon a time Adam was the singer for Citizen Vein.  The Citizen Vein was Monte Pittman (guitar player and teacher for Madonna and also guitar player for Prong), Steve Sidelnyk (drummer for Madonna),  Tommy Victor (lead singer and guitarist for Prong) and the now ever so popular Adam Lambert. Wow those days seem like yesterday, but the reality is they will never be the same.  Now Monte is Adam's guitar player and both Monte and Adam released their own albums at the end of 2009.  Go on out and support them!  You can find the album, The Deepest Dark for Monte Pittman at CDBABY, my favorite song is "After the Last Wave" because it has two of my great friends singing together on it.

Citizen Vein, photo by Erin Fisher

On a last final note, I finally checked my Youtube account today and my world famous "38 second video" has nearly 100,000 views.  It cracks me up!  I took the video in early 2007 at the Citizen Vein show, took it down during all the AI stuff and then reopened it to the public when Adam made it in to the top ten.  I never really noticed the funny things in the video that the viewers can not seem to disregard, but it has been a fun adventure seeing all the love that Glambert and Monte get from the fans. :) Here is the video that made me famous! LOL (I put all the text there so people would not steal it, that did not work, it was all over the internet very quickly and they all figured out how to remove it)

Video of Citizen Vein taken at the Cat Club, by Erin Fisher

The following photos are also property of Erin Fisher and were taken at a couple of Citizen Vein shows. These are just some of my favorites that I will share.

Adam Lambert, Photo by Erin Fisher

Monte Pittman and Adam Lambert, Photo by Erin Fisher

Adam Lambert and Tommy Victor, Photo by Erin Fisher

Monte Pittman, Photo by Erin Fisher

Tommy Victor, Photo by Erin Fisher

 Adam Lambert and Tommy Victor, Photo by Erin Fisher

Lisa Pittman, Adam Lambert, Erin Fisher

Congrats to Adam and Monte!

Help for Haiti

Many of us are eager to help the people of Haiti during this time as they have suffered such devastation from the recent 7.0 earthquake.  Of all places, the hospital collapsed and at this point they are saying about 50,000 have perished.  There are many avenues to which you can help the people of Haiti, some for immediate and some over time.  Many places have run out of medical supplies and injured are being transported to the Dominican Republic for help.  Here are a few avenues that you can use to assist during this sad time for Haiti.

Child Hope is an organization that was created and is run by locals in Redondo Beach.  They have orphanage facilities in Haiti and are now housing rescue victims.  Reports from them today said they had to close their clinic because they are now out of medical supplies.  You can donate to edivvy and 5% of all donations will be matched.

In times of need, through my personal experience, Rotary International always pulls through and does amazing work throughout the world.  They have connections in most countries around the globe and can directly get money and supplies to the places it is needed.  Rotary set up a Haiti earthquake relief fund where you can send your donations to assist in emergency and long term aid.

Another way to help the victims is by going through Yele Haiti which is an organization started by Wyclef Jean.

If you are interested in donating items, my girlfriend that is from Haiti and still has family there is collecting donations for blankets, clothing, medical supplies, shoes etc... this weekend you may drop off items to:

(drop off anytime)
28649 Vista Madera
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

(drop off anytime)
1881 Walnut Street
La Verne Ca 91750

(drop off anytime)
19776 Ottowa Road
Apple Valley, Ca 92308

(drop off between 10am-6pm)
Bird Call Productions/Cardiac Studios
3450 Cahuenga Blvd
Lot #603
Los Angeles, Ca 90068

Thank you all for your support.  Best wishes and thoughts for everyone out there.

Awesome Deals at YANKEE CANDLE

Yankee Candle has been around awhile with their jar candles of a gajillion different fragrances.  Well right now Yankee Candle is having their semi-annual sale at yankeecandle.com, but even better, the Yankee Candle store at the South Bay Galleria is going out of business and closing in 2 weeks.  Apparently they have some great prices on their yummy (sometimes overpowering) candles and other scented items.  What makes this deal super amazing is that there is a coupon available for $10 off a purchase of $25 that you can print and take in with you.  I think that is a great way to start your Valentines Day or Mothers Day shopping don't you?!

(Thank you for the tip Miriam xo)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Another offer for FREE AVEDA and this time if is for a Color Conserve Sample Pack with shampoo, conditioner and strengthening treatment.  I am really starting to love this Aveda stuff :)

Have fun!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Clippers Basketball Tickets Giveaway

Benihana is giving away tickets for the Los Angeles Clippers.  Just go here to fill out your entry!  Entries must be received by January 29,2010.


Thank you to those of you that participated in my First Giveaway.  Each Winner will receive 4 cards, each is for an 8oz Frozen Yogurt.  We went last night and were pleasantly surprised, not only by the ginormous portion but the taste was great too!  Not only did we get our FREE yogurt, but we went and rented "Julie and Julia" with our FREE Redbox movie rental code also.  Super Sunday for sure!

This is the photo from our Golden Spoon experience.  We would have been content with our yogurt when they put the toppings on, but we found out that was the middle because they then went back and piled yogurt all over the top. WOW!

The following is a list of the participants in the order they occurred.  Each is one entry.

1. Lori lynn - comment
2. Lori Lynn - Follower
3. Tash - Follower
4. Tash - comment
5. Robin - Follower
6. Lori Lynn - comment
7. J Danger - Follower
8. J Danger - Comment
9. Steph - Follower
10. L Cope - Follower
11. L Cope - Comment
12. Tash - comment

THE WINNERS according to Random.org are  LORI LYNN and TASH!  Congratulations ladies, I will send you an email to get your addresses so I may send you your prizes. (Not sure why when I put the generator on my blog it keeps resetting the max to 100, but I did have it from 1 - 12 when I generated the winners)
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Groupon has a great offer for TODAY ONLY!!! Pay $10 on Groupon and get $20 worth of food/baked goods at Torrance Bakery.

I know so many of you local South Bay people are familiar with the goodies from Torrance Bakery, it is a South Bay icon. I can't even count the amount of wedding cakes, birthday cakes, fresh baked cookies and other treats I have had from there. I am certainly going to get one of these, always great for taking yummy things to a friends house or buying a cake for an upcoming celebration. The deal is only good for a limited time (usually 1-3 days) so hurry over to Groupon today!!!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

KIDS EAT FREE in the South Bay!

There are many of places in the South Bay that offer KIDS EAT FREE, certainly a great find for "The Mouth."

According to our local Daily Breeze
there are many local restaurants that offer free meals for kids with the purchase of adult meals. During hard times, these are certainly great ways to go out for dinner with your family on a budget. Check out the Daily Breeze KIDS EAT FREE section to choose a day of the week or a restaurant from the pull down menu and see when your kids can eat free and help your family enjoy a cushier wallet.


Have you rented a movie from Red Box? Red Box has kiosks in various locations where you can rent a movie for $1.  You enter your credit card # as long as you return the movie by 9pm the following evening then your rental is just $1.

The even better news, there are currently some codes you can enter that will make them FREE!  When you get to the kiosk click on "Rent with a Promo Code", enter the code, enter your CC# (which only charge if you are late), choose your movie.  It looks like you can use the promo code once with each CC# so it is possible with the 4 Codes I have to give you that get them FREE, you can get 4 with every card you have... Now that sounds like a Movie Marathon to me!

Current Promo Codes:

To find a location near you go here Red Box Kiosk Locations

Happy movie watching!